Sunday Soundbites

Sunday Soundbite for May 30, 2021

If we listen with our hearts to the mystery contained in the doctrine of the Trinity we end up with a very personal portrait of God.

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Sunday Soundbite for May 23, 2021

It’s a characteristic of Catholicism to see God’s goodness in all of creation, in various human endeavors, and in the cultures and histories of human beings wherever the gospel is preached.

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Sunday Soundbite for May 16, 2021

Do we realize the implications of bearing the name of Christ in our world today? Do we believe in the power we were given at baptism, when we were named and signed with the cross of Christ?

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Sunday Soundbite for the Ascension of the Lord

Today we look for signs of Christ’s presence in communities where the gospel is preached. The lives of believers should exhibit the power of Christ at work.

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Sunday Soundbite for May 9, 2021

In prayer we relate to God with the intimate friendship described by Jesus. We come to prayer with all the confidence that good friends bring to a relationship.

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Sunday Soundbite for May 2, 2021

The story about Saul and the Jerusalem community reminds us how important it is to affirm one another within our contemporary parish settings. We must welcome and integrate those who are new to the community.

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