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April 2017

Welcoming the Stranger

In 2008, I visited St. Gerard Majella Church in the Diocese of Brooklyn in New York. The greeter warmly welcomed me and I took a seat. The bulletin had an entire column devoted to welcoming the newcomer and contained a coupon to fill out if one wanted more information about church membership.

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Darkness & Light: A Good Friday Reflection

Christ died on the cross so we may have help carrying our own.

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Paulina Cerrilla: Rising Star

Paulina Cerrilla captured the nation’s attention four years ago with her appearance on The Voice, a television show that features top-notch talent competing for a recording contract.

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Homily? Eulogy?

Some dioceses allow eulogies at funerals, and others do not. Why is this?

This question arises frequently. According to the 1989 Order of Christian Funerals (the ritual book used by Catholics in the United States), “A brief homily is given after the Gospel reading ” (#166).

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Help for Nurturing a Franciscan Spirituality

I need some practical advice for how to live and grow in Franciscan spirituality as a layperson. Because I am not close to a Secular Franciscan group, I need to do this on my own.

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Use a Cross or a Crucifix?

During the Good Friday liturgy at our parish, we venerate a plain cross and not a crucifix with a representation of Jesus’ body on it. The crucifix is kept out of sight in the sacristy.

Because this doesn’t seem right to me, I wrote a note in the parish’s suggestion box, recommending that we use a crucifix rather than a cross. A member of the parish staff responded that we are venerating the wood of the cross on which Jesus died, not a replica of Jesus’ body.

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