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The Value of Honest Work

We take much for granted, including our work. Caught up in routine we forget to take satisfaction in what we do, while others struggle to find gainful employment. Let us pray to cherish our hard work.
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Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

Philippians 4:8 counsels us to think about things that are commendable, excellent, and worthy. The quality of our thoughts can bring joy or sorrow to our lives.
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The Canticle of Mary

The Blessed Mother brings us so much joy and peace. Reflect on how she has been there for you, offering you a mother’s love and comfort.
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Uncertainty About the Future

Quite often it is the unknown that we fear most. Many of us imagine we can bear almost anything if we know what to expect.  But that isn’t how God works.
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person backing

Blessed Lady Jacoba and Almond Treats

Lady Jacoba (now Blessed Jacoba) was deeply struck by St. Francis of Assisi and consequently became a Third Order Franciscan. She kindly offered one special luxury to the humble man of Assisi.
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Man standing by the water at night

We Are Not Alone

Core to the Christian Gospel for Franciscans is the realization that the God of the universe decided to enter into our world, first through creation itself (Gn 1), then through the Incarnation (Jn 1), not because of sin or the ...
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Man being arrogant

My Inadvertent Offenses …

Punish me not … for my inadvertent offenses.” —Tb (3:3b) What a great plea from the Old Testament figure, Tobit!
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