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God Works in Secret

Reflect Today reflect on a passage from Henri Nouwen, “Whereas the way of the world is to insist on publicity, celebrity, popularity, and getting maximum exposure, God prefers to work in secret…in God’s sight the things that really matter seldom …

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Embracing the Weather

Reflect The weather can have a direct affect on our mental and emotional well-being. But when we choose to see our connection to the created world, we can be sure that rain or shine, we will encounter the sacred. Pray …

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Righteous Anger

Reflect When I was young, I remember first hearing the story of Jesus at the Temple, confronting salespeople about turning his Father’s house into a den of thieves. I remember thinking, Wow, Jesus was angry! He wasn’t just annoyed, but …

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The Bright Side

Reflect All too often we focus on the negative things and get caught up in everything that we think is going wrong in our lives. What we fail to realize, though, is that we have so much for which we …

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Beneath God’s Wings

Reflect Have you ever sat in a moment and thought, “I prayed for this”? Far too often we strive for the next goal or focus on what we don’t have yet. By doing so, we lose sight of the fact …

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Affirming Others

Reflect Isaiah 55:8–9 proclaims that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than our own. God’s vision and purpose is greater and more welcoming than our own. No one is outside the circle of love. When we resign from being God …

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The Joy of a Friend

Reflect “I am well supplied because of what I received from you through Epaphroditus.”—Philippians 4:18 St. Epaphroditus is one of those biblical Christians from Philippi—those Christians who seemed to be full of joy and brought cheer to Paul. Actually, the …

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