Two lambs

Called by Name

Reflect During these troubling times, it can sometimes feel like we do not belong. In being disconnected from our communities and the lives we once knew, it is sometimes easy to believe the lie that we are lost or do …

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Man holding balloons

Treat People Like Angels

Reflect Mystic and activist Dorothy Day remarked that “I speak to people as if they were angels.” See the best in others, be the best to others, and bring out the best in others. Each encounter is an opportunity to …

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Snow covered hills

Winter Prayer

Reflect In these cold winter months, the snow blanketing the ground may seem like a blissful sight from inside of our warm houses. But many do not have such a luxury. In the bitter cold, let us not forget those …

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Profile of elderly man

Wisdom Comes From Age

Reflect Our elders have important wisdom to offer us, but many are suffering as well. Let us pray for the elderly people we know that we may receive their gifts and alleviate their burdens. Pray O God Eternal, may my …

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Two people walking on cobblestone street

Find the Common Place

Reflect Jesus came to the well on a hot day, tired from his long journey. Encountering a Samaritan woman, he began to tell her personal, private details about her life that no one else knew. She came to see him …

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Sunset over the beach

When Death Reigned Supreme

Reflect “My 19th birthday was celebrated with a death.” —St. Thérèse of Lisieux As variations of the COVID-19 continue to resurface now and then, we can consider how St. Thérèse also endured a resurgence of an epidemic. Influenza hit the …

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Two people with coffee mugs

Compassion in the Wasteland

Reflect One of the last places we expect to find compassion is in a government bureaucracy or customer service center. Yet what unexpected delight to find a human touch there! No matter which end we’re on, it’s possible to bring …

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