Daffodils in the snow

God Has Overcome the World

Reflect The world can be cruel and heartbreaking, and I can’t always find God in it. Jesus reminds us, “In the world, you will have trouble, but take courage, for I have overcome the world” (John 20:33). Pray Dear Jesus,Life …

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Woman looking at storm clouds

Letting Go of the Storm

Reflect Today reflect on the passage from Matthew 8:26: “Then he got up, rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was great calm.” Pray Dear God,Help me notice when a problem has receded,to pay attention to the hourswhen I …

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Silhouette of person looking at sunset

God Calls Us to Be Woke

Reflect To be “woke” is a term derived from the civil rights movement—it is an invitation to be alert of our own hidden prejudices and biases. Our faith also calls us to be “woke.” To be “awake” as a Christian …

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Four bells

Ring the Warning Bells

Reflect Throughout history church bells have invited people to worship and celebrate, as well as ring out warnings of danger like invasion or fire. In September of 2019, they rang in solidarity with the climate strike of four million young …

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Row of mailboxes

What’s Your Vocation?

Reflect He wanted to reunite Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians, and became a Capuchin friar as a step toward that desire. But Leopold Mandić’s health issues and mild personality led him down a different path: forty-eight years of hearing …

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Two lambs

Called by Name

Reflect During these troubling times, it can sometimes feel like we do not belong. In being disconnected from our communities and the lives we once knew, it is sometimes easy to believe the lie that we are lost or do …

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Man holding balloons

Treat People Like Angels

Reflect Mystic and activist Dorothy Day remarked that “I speak to people as if they were angels.” See the best in others, be the best to others, and bring out the best in others. Each encounter is an opportunity to …

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