Minute Meditations

Hands forming a heart by water

St. Joseph, Pure of Heart

Just as Joseph’s life was completed by the child he raised to adulthood, so will the life of any person who seeks Jesus be free from the enslavement to sin.
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A man holding a guitar while looking into the sunset.

Saint Anthony Sees God

One day, when Anthony came down from the tree to join the other friars for lunch, he became seriously ill.
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Graffiti of the words peace and love

God’s Gift of Peace

Peace is a gift from God. Human actions that cooperate with God’s grace activate peace in the world.
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Homeless somber person

God Provides the Balance

People walked days to hear me preach and in such numbers that I often spoke outdoors.
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man with folded hands and bowed head praying

Open Your Heart to Grace

Jesus is with us now and assures us he will not leave us orphans.
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St. Anthony statue holding Chris child in his arms.

Anthony: The Hammer of Heretics

Anthony traveled tirelessly in both northern Italy and southern France, choosing to enter the cities where the heretics were strongest.
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Artist female painting a canvas

The Divine Artist

God is a divine artist, and his spiritual masterpieces are the saints.
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