Minute Meditations

Three joyful people

Joy Is Infectious

Like love itself, joyful generosity is measured not by how much we give out, but by how little we hold back
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group star gazing

Take Nothing for Granted

Have you missed the miracle of today, or did it wake you up to wonder?
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men in brotherly embrace

A Hunger for Wholeness

Spirituality affirms a deeper hunger for wholeness, an unquenchable thirst for unanimity.
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Woman making a heart with her hands,

Healing Season

May great-fullness season your soul and inoculate you with warmth and humility, leaving room around your table for the possibility of healing.
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woman looking into shop window

Christ Takes Fragile Flesh

Festooned with jingle-jangle, temples of commerce lure us with sweet indulgences so very good for the economy.
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men watching sun rise

Receive the Day

The way to wellness is found in welcome, not in taking, seizing, grabbing, but in humbly, graciously receiving and freely sharing every gift.
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Table waiting for guests.

Gathered at the Table

Sooner or later, we all long to be gathered around a table wide, where welcome brings well-being.
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