Minute Meditations

Back to Normal?

A break in our normal routines offers us a profound gift: an opportunity for reassessment, renewal, and replenishment, to embrace change and give space to our best selves.

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Gentle Hands that Hold Us

To be replenished is to be reminded of what is true, of the values that tether us.

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Living in the Present

Living in the present, fully alive and wholehearted, is not a technique. There is no list.

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Freedom in God

Good religion keeps God free for people and keeps people free for God. We cannot improve on that.

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The Awful Grace of God

Suffering opens the channel through which all of Life flows and by which all creation breathes

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Mutual Forgiveness

Only mutual apology, healing, and forgiveness offer a sustainable future for humanity.

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Sweet Surrender

It is easy to surrender when we know that nothing but Love and Mercy are on the other side.

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