Minute Meditations

man sitting still n the pavement.

The Sacred Silence of Lent

How do we figure out what we truly need? I think we find an answer in silence. N
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Flying Free

Francis loved the earth, but his motion was always up and away from it toward some intangible tug at his heart from above.
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woman praying

Saints Be Praised!

The saints and blesseds are special signs of God’s activity.
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Man standing at a fork in the road.

Darkness and Light

Poet Dorothy Walters offers the advice that I needed: “First let your heart be broken open.” In order to go deeper, the pain had to be met and experienced.
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mom comforting child

Choose to Love

If we choose to love, we immediately take on the responsibility of being for others, in service and in times of opposition, in trials and persecution, also in peace and joy.
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Undressing of the Heart

When Francis stripped himself naked at Santa Maria Maggiore, he was reaching for the heart of God.
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men sitting quietly on bench

God Builds a Rhythm

The practice of solitude uncovers and heightens that uniqueness, and fraternal life deepens in the respect and support the brothers give to each one’s unique aloneness.
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