Minute Meditations

Lighthouse in a storm.

Unfailing and Steadfast

The beauty of being human is to turn to our spiritual ancestors, to cherish what they left behind, what remains.
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hands of an old woman.

Blessed Are the Meek

The meek are blessed precisely because they recognize their dependence on the generosity of God and creation.
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man rejoycing on the road

Rejoice in Humanity

Saints rejoice in their common humanity, knowing that God’s word becomes flesh in fallible and ambivalent persons like ourselves.
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bruised fruit

God Loves Our Imperfections

God looks at us and sees the beauty of who we are, and that beauty is not a result of our being perfect.
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person in pain

Love and Triumph

As Bonaventure writes, God is “totally submerged in the waters from the sole of the foot to the top of the head…. [God] appeared to you as your beloved cut through with wound upon wound in order to heal you.”
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man standing on earth looking into heaven

Heaven and Earth

The first Franciscans believed that God was in the world, actively shaping human experience, and inspiring birds’ songs and wolves’ howls.
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opposite view through a lens

An Alternative Vision of God

If Christian faith is to be meaningful to twenty-first-century individuals and play a positive role in healing the earth and its peoples, Christians must choose the way of loving relatedness.
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