Minute Meditations

hand reaching for heaven

Treasures of the Kingdom

In recognizing his vocation to live the Gospel, Francis knew that he could no longer identify himself with the wealthy and powerful of his day.
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group of girls holding hands

Special, Favorite, Chosen

The great irony of faith is that authentic God experience does indeed make you know you are quite special, favorite, and chosen—but you realize others are too!
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hand holding rosary

The Rosary Is an Invitation to the Spirit

The rosary is an invitation for the Spirit to introduce new awareness of God’s presence.
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St. Josephine Bakhita

Only One Master

That total abandonment to God would be Josephine’s legacy—and it is one we can work toward as 21st-century Catholics.
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sad woman by rainy window

God’s Tears

God feels the pain of an injured baby bird, fallen out of its nest, and the loneliness of a pet mourning the death of its human companion.
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person holding peace flag

Embrace the Beatitudes

At the heart of Francis’s and Clare’s biblical vision was the Sermon on the Mount, and most especially the Beatitudes.
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man kneeling in prayer

Praying with Our Bodies

Although our culture separates body and spirit, the very incarnation of Jesus speaks to a higher reality.
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