Minute Meditations

woman holding a heart | Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Surrender to Your Heart’s Desire

The Good News for our souls is that the fire of God’s love is relentless and will eventually break through our well-formed heat shields.

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One Family

Kinship of creation is the theological insight that we are fellow creatures with all of God’s creation, uniquely loved and valued by God.

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Learn to Love the Earth

The distinction between creation and nature is an important one when we discuss the integrity of nature from the Franciscan tradition.

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Nothing to Protect

Compassion flourishes when we have nothing to protect and everything to share.

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Love Is a New Beginning

Every act of love is a new beginning, a new creation. To live compassionately is to believe in a love greater than ourselves yet intimately present to us

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The Energy of Love

If we truly believe that matter is holy, then we must act to make Christ alive as oneness-in-love.

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Your Life Belongs to God

Trust in God requires not the felt experience of God but the handing over of one’s life to God in darkness and silence, realizing that one’s life is not one’s own but belongs entirely to God.

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