Minute Meditations

A crucifix with Jesus hanging on a wall

A Heart Conformed to Christ

It is true that St. Francis, with his whole heart, wanted to imitate his Lord and Master.
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two people skydiving

Control, Surrender, Loss

If love is the free surrender of one’s control, then suffering is the involuntary taking of that control away.
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young man contemplating

Sinners Make the Best Contemplatives

Jesus said he came for the sick, not the healthy. He dined with sinners, not church leaders. So who’s “special”?
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woman looking into a valley

Poverty of Spirit

I feel the grandeur of creation and my smallness in it. For a moment I have no worries, only the sense of God’s abiding grace in the world.
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Lent Is a Return to Simplicity

The practices of Lent help us to be both realistic and happy. The two go together in a way that consumerism can never fathom.
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Prayers to a Listening Heaven

When I am hiking in the woods on spring mornings, I like that I am dwarfed by trees. I appreciate that I am outnumbered by animals and insects who see me when I cannot see them.
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carpenter tools

Joseph, Husband of Mary

Joseph and Mary’s life does not fit into ordinary human categories.
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