Minute Meditations

woman climbing over wood fence.

The Slow Journey to God

In order to progress, we must renew our commitment to Christ daily and then be committed to doing this over and over again.
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woman sitting while looking out over the ocean

God Wants Our Truest Selves

Jesus does not want masks. He does not want projections of our superficial selves that bear no resemblance to who we really are.
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Priest holding waver and wine

Mutual Indwelling

The church creates the bread, and the bread creates the church, like a wonderful and mutual admiration society.
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A young man's face reflecting in a window

You Are Remarkable

Have you ever stopped to marvel at how amazingly unique you are?
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A crucifix with Jesus hanging on a wall

A Heart Conformed to Christ

It is true that St. Francis, with his whole heart, wanted to imitate his Lord and Master.
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woman praying with a rosary

Honest, Humble Prayer

I have learned that the plan of God is much more exciting than anything I ever could have fashioned for myself.
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hand with a bracelet

The Beauty of the Beatitudes

As Christians, the beauty of the beatitudes is that they remind us that this world is not our home.
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