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Beware the Contagion of War

Where you live, there may not be bombs falling or bullets flying, but this contagion of war is spreading quietly like a virus, from mouth to ear, from words to thoughts, from mind to mind, from heart to heart.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: When Your Suffering Can’t Be Seen

When we do not see someone’s symptoms, we might assume that the person is not suffering.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: Finding a Sacred Space

We are all called to prayer, to talk to our God about what is happening in our lives. When we are worried about life-changing health issues, who better to talk with?
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: Pumping Up with Prayer

Exercise can bring many physical and psychological benefits. When we add a layer of prayer, we can benefit spiritually.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: Helping Others, Healing Ourselves

We all can benefit from giving back, from volunteering, even if we have health problems. Connecting with others brings hope into our lives.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: The Stigma of Mental Illness

As Christians, we speak of respecting all life but, in reality, we often neglect people with mental illness.
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Woman flashes a peace sign | Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Three Minutes with God: Finding Peace

The greatest mistake we humans often make is to become upset and lose our peace. We lose our peace because we want, at any price, to change the people around us. How many married people become agitated and irritated because
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