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woman training with weights

Spirituality & Sport: Training to Be Present

Perhaps in the only way I am like any of the elite athletes who compete at the Olympics, I can sometimes let circumstances overwhelm me or distract me from being present in the moment.
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man swimming in a pool

Spirituality & Sport: Swimming in Grace

Through swimming and my dad, I helped to learn this immense love from God.
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man playing pickleball, holding his racket

Spirituality & Sport: Pickleball in the Franciscan Tradition

A pickleball enthusiast draws parallels between her favorite sport and the Franciscan tradition.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: When Your Suffering Can’t Be Seen

When we do not see someone’s symptoms, we might assume that the person is not suffering.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: Finding a Sacred Space

We are all called to prayer, to talk to our God about what is happening in our lives. When we are worried about life-changing health issues, who better to talk with?
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: Pumping Up with Prayer

Exercise can bring many physical and psychological benefits. When we add a layer of prayer, we can benefit spiritually.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: Helping Others, Healing Ourselves

We all can benefit from giving back, from volunteering, even if we have health problems. Connecting with others brings hope into our lives.
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