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Young girl holds a peace sign | Photo by ev on Unsplash

Beware the Contagion of War

Where you live, there may not be bombs falling or bullets flying, but this contagion of war is spreading quietly like a virus, from mouth to ear, from words to thoughts, from mind to mind, from heart to heart.
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Pope John XXIII: A Holy Life

Pope John XXIII, as Pope Francis said, “was a country priest, the priest who loves all the faithful, who knows how to care for the faithful, and this he did as a bishop, and as a nuncio.”
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The Paradox of Holiness

Most saints struggled with prayer and with sensing the nearness of God. Why should our lives be any different?
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Live the Gospel: A Message from St. Francis

St. Francis found the truth that leads to freedom in the truths of the Gospel, and the freedom he found was the freedom to love.
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Statue of St. Francis | Photo by Ryan Klaus

Beginning Again with St. Francis

Conversion is the ongoing process of learning to live the gospel way of life given to us by Jesus and revealed to us by Francis and Clare.
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Six Books on St. Francis of Assisi

These books celebrate the life and legacy of Assisi's favorite son.
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Statue of St. Francis | Image by Robert Cheaib from Pixabay

St. Francis of Assisi: Journeys and Dreams

For Francis, Jesus had been his support, always whispering into his ear, “Francis, little one, never doubt my love. I will never leave you.”
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