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Saint John Damascene

Saint John Damascene was born in Damascus, but spent most of his life in a monastery near Jerusalem. Little is known about his life, but John is remembered as the last of the Eastern Church Fathers. He gained fame as a poet and an author.

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Engraving of Saints Isaac Jogues, Jean de Brébeuf, and Companions

Saints Isaac Jogues, Jean de Brébeuf, and Companions

Isaac Jogues and his companions are popularly known as the North American martyrs. Over a period of years, these eight Jesuits worked among the Hurons, bringing many into the Catholic faith. They labored in what would become the northeastern United
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Photo of Saint John Paul II

Saint John Paul II

Born in Wadowice, Poland, Pope Saint John Paul II had lost his mother, father, and older brother before his 21st birthday. Then his promising academic career at Krakow’s Jagiellonian University was cut short by the outbreak of World War II.
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Stained Glass window of Saint John of Capistrano

Saint John of Capistrano

Born at a time when the bubonic plague had decimated the population and the Church was split with two, maybe three, claimants to the papacy, Saint John Capistrano was a voice of strength and hope. He was known for his
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Painting of Saint Anthony Mary Claret

Saint Anthony Mary Claret

Anthony Claret was a missionary, religious founder, social reformer, queen’s chaplain, writer and publisher, archbishop and refugee. He was a Spaniard whose work took him to the Canary Islands, Cuba, Madrid, Paris, and to the First Vatican Council.
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Statue of Saint Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão

Saint Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão

Born in Guarantingueta near São Paulo, Antônio attended the Jesuit seminary in Belem but later decided to become a Franciscan friar. Invested in 1760, he made final profession the following year and was ordained in 1762.
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Painting of Saint Peter of Alcantara

Saint Peter of Alcantara

Saint Peter of Alcantara lived in the 16th century, a time of great Church reform. He was confessor for Saint Teresa of Avila, another great reformer. Peter was known for his life of penitence and the virtue of patience. He
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