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Lent with Padre Pio: Fifth Wednesday

“Do not listen to or believe the enemy when he tells you that God has rejected you or that God is punishing you for some hidden unfaithfulness and is wanting to chastise you to remove it from your soul. That is not the least bit true.”
—letter to Margherita Tresca, May 17, 1918

We are surrounded on a daily basis by people who spread gossip and untruths about others. Unfortunately, we often end up taking part in this behavior, even though we know it is wrong. Other times, we may find ourselves on the receiving end. When that happens, it can get in our heads and cause us to question ourselves or start to believe what we’ve heard.

Padre Pio underwent a lot of scrutiny during his life, especially regarding his stigmata. But while he admitted despair over it, he offered up the suffering because he knew it was God’s will for him.

In Padre Pio’s Own Words

What joy it is to serve Jesus in the desert without manna, water, and other consolations, other than being under his guidance and suffering for him!…

During this state of dryness and desolation of spirit, do not become agitated that you are not serving God the way you want to, because as you adapt yourself to his will, you are actually serving him the way he wants you to, which is so much better.

We should not be worried or anxious if we are serving God in one way rather than another.

Actually, because he is the only thing we are seeking, and since we do not find him any less when we walk through the parched desert than when we walk on the water of sweet consolation, we should be as content with one path as with another.

(To Lucia Fiorentino, January 11, 1917)


St. Pio, let us remember the pain that you suffered because of people’s words.
May we be kind and loving in our thoughts and words about others.

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