Minute Meditations

woman climbing over wood fence.

The Slow Journey to God

In order to progress, we must renew our commitment to Christ daily and then be committed to doing this over and over again.
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man looking at a cross in the water with a skyline in the background

Called to the Cross

If we claim to revere the cross, if we claim to love the one who died for our sins, then we must not turn away.
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Chalkboard sign with "Welcome please come in" written on it

A Vision of Shalom

Those who follow the spirit of the Lord’s Prayer become mystical activists seeking to incarnate God’s realm “on earth as it is in heaven.”
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hands folded in prayer on top of a Bible

Learning from the Lord’s Prayer

Francis placed the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, at the center of community life.
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woman holding a one dollar bill in her hands.

Money Is Meaningless

It is sad that we have a willingness to give our whole lives to producing items of no social benefit.
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blue grapes hanging on branches from a vine

Longing for God

It is our Christian belief that when Christ, the Incarnate Word, came to dwell among us, we entered a whole new era of God’s saving presence in our world.
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bee nurturing from a purple flower

Loving God Means Loving Creation

We must foster a genuine and affectionate connection to our world before we can effect change within it.
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