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Who Was St. Francis?

Praying the Rosary

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Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrow

Disappointments, setbacks, loss, and suffering seem to define the life of Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Embracing God’s Plan

God’s will is written on our hearts and is meant to lead us to a profound peace and…

Lonely, but Never Alone

Reflect The holidays are a time of joy for many. For those who are alone, however, it is…

Can you name five mystics?

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New Pathways of Prayer

The essence of prayer consists in humble waiting—in a childlike spirit of openness, expectation, and listening.

Mary: Untier of Knots

When life gets complicated or messy, who better to go to than our mother?

Prayers for Gaza

The president of the USCCB and the chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace called upon the faithful to renew prayers for an end to the Israel-Hamas war.

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