Minute Meditations

Lighthouse in a storm.

Unfailing and Steadfast

The beauty of being human is to turn to our spiritual ancestors, to cherish what they left behind, what remains.
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The Divine Dance of Lent

Prayer as a spiritual practice never goes out of style. Prayer is a powerful way of participating in divine community.
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red poppies

The Almighty in All Things

To those who left all things, Jesus had promised eternal life and a hundredfold besides—now!
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person reflecting

God Is in Control

To accept some degree of meaninglessness is our final and full act of faith that God is still good and still in control.
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fisherman on a boat

The Mystical Heart

True mysticism allows us to fish from a different side of the boat, and with a different expectation of what success might mean.
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group of girls holding hands

Special, Favorite, Chosen

The great irony of faith is that authentic God experience does indeed make you know you are quite special, favorite, and chosen—but you realize others are too!
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hand holding rosary

The Rosary Is an Invitation to the Spirit

The rosary is an invitation for the Spirit to introduce new awareness of God’s presence.
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