Minute Meditations

poppies in the breeze | Photo by Monica Galentino on Unsplash

Admire God’s Creativity and Generosity

The difference between trees and shrubs, the varying age of trees in the woods—all mirror the creative and generous abilities of our God.

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Creation Exalts the Creator

We can learn from creation how to love and praise our common Creator, and we can use our voices to speak on behalf of all that is created.

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Winged Creatures

Bring them into your circle of awareness, all of God’s creatures being breathed by life right now in this present moment.

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The Poetry of Earth

Saint Francis was foremost a follower of Jesus, but he recognized and loved God’s work in creation.

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Life Is Amazing

All life is utterly dependent upon our planet for everything it needs. God provides everything through creation.

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One Family

Kinship of creation is the theological insight that we are fellow creatures with all of God’s creation, uniquely loved and valued by God.

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Learn to Love the Earth

The distinction between creation and nature is an important one when we discuss the integrity of nature from the Franciscan tradition.

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