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Channeling God’s Goodness

Sometimes, we might feel a sort of separateness from God, as if God is far away, up in heaven, or just not here in our world in our daily life.
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Girl holding her younger brother.

Caring for the Children

Every child is beloved by God, created in God’s image, and deserving of abundant life. Our vocation is to care for children far and near.
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Lord, What Are We Gonna Do Today?

Research suggests that we make about 35,000 decisions each day! If we plow through the day making each of these decisions—big and small—on our own, we will probably run into frustration.
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Compassion in the Worst Places

One of the most compelling calls to compassion comes from one of the worst places: a Nazi concentration camp. There, the dying Betsie ten Boom told her sister, “there is no pit so deep that [God] is not deeper still."
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Look for Good News

Television is often filled with murders, detectives, crime and mayhem. It does not resemble my life. I choose to watch no crime series on TV this evening.
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Angel Lights

In what ways have angels been a part of your faith journey?
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The Pull of Family Life

If you have children and aging parents, you understand the daily, intergenerational push and pull of family life. But how often do give yourself a moment to appreciate what you offer?
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