spring flowers

‘Summer in the Light, and Winter in the Shade’

In this time of transition in nature, we might also find ourselves in a type of spiritual transition during Lent.
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woman handing food to another woman

To See and to Soothe

When you think of the poor, is it someone unknown to you in a faraway land? That may be true, but that kind of thinking also puts a buffer between ourselves and those in need.
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taking a step

Directionless but Divine

Both St. Francis and St. Bonaventure are said to have visited La Verna, a mountain donated to the Franciscans by Count Orlando of Chiusi, at times in their lives where they were wrestling with their divine calling.
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woman starring into the sky

Nothing Can Separate Us

Today, reflect on the incredible power of the words from Romans 8:38–39.
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person checking daily calendar

Cultivate Simplicity

What gets the most attention in your daily routine? Do you make time for prayer or service each day?
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Josephine Bakhita

A Prayer for Josephine

St. Josephine Bakhita bore scars throughout her body from years of slavery, yet her courageous heart remained unblemished.
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man being thankful

For My Privilege(s) I Say, ‘Thanks’

Because of my race, my innate gifts, my appearance, my security, I have experienced unearned happiness and lived to see this day.
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