Ukrainian girl

Prayer for Children amid War

There is a profound powerlessness in seeing how the world’s wars impact children, the most vulnerable of all. It’s unimaginable, what they are enduring.
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man being thankful

For My Privilege(s) I Say, ‘Thanks’

Because of my race, my innate gifts, my appearance, my security, I have experienced unearned happiness and lived to see this day.
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woman covering her eyes.

Peter’s Denial

It’s easy to criticize Peter. How could he turn his back on Jesus after all he had seen?
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happy woman laughing

The Cultivation of Joy

Joy is contagious—and it costs nothing to share it with those around us. Reach out to somebody in your inner circle who is struggling to find joy.
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woman holding umbrella in storm

No Plan B

Some don’t want to hear that the material world is sacred, because they’d rather exploit it. But scientists have sent a clear wake-up call.
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man walking in the desert

Be a Prophet Like John

If John the Baptist walked among us today, we probably would be quite scandalized by his camel hair clothes and bug-eating ways.
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man with megaphone

Dare to Speak Out

When children are little we tell them to use their words to express their feelings. We do that because it’s important to speak up and be heard.
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