Pause + Pray

I Am Sorry for My Grumbling

young man, frustrated and angry


The Israelites grumbled against the Lord in the desert, even after freeing them from the Egyptians and bringing them safely through the Red Sea. It’s easy to criticize their behavior, but don’t we grumble against the Lord too?


Dear Lord,
I am sorry for my complaints and ingratitude
when things don’t go how I want or when I don’t get my way.
I’m sorry for the times I forget all you’ve done for me in the past
and fixate on what I want in the present.
You always give me the grace I need to follow where you lead,
even when it’s not where I want to go.
Help me remember you want what’s best for me.


Pay attention to your inner dialogue throughout the day. Anytime your thoughts gripe or complain, pray: “Thank you, God. I trust you in this and all things.”

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