May 2019

Dear Reader: A Relatable Mary

When I visited Assisi a few years ago, one of the things that struck me was a painting of Mary that I saw at Greccio.
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Mother Mary painting by Holly Schapker

Mary, Our Muse

Many people look to Mary for spiritual guidance and nourishment. She’s also a source of inspiration for this artist.
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A Voice for Justice

Patty Crawford went up against Baylor University after hundreds of women bravely came forward with sexual assault allegations. Her faith is what got her through.
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woman holding a rosary

The Flip Side of the Joyful Mysteries

A shadow hovers over the joyful mysteries of the rosary. In it, we can find parallels to our own lives.
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Editorial: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers are always immediately offered following a mass shooting or other deadly event. But how do we turn that into action to help prevent the next incident?
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Mother and son at the beach

Let Us Pray: My Mother’s Voice

We are all God's children. If I discriminate or hate someone—for reasons of race, gender, capabilities, or lack thereof—it is not that person who is broken. It is me.
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