Dear Reader: A Relatable Mary

When I visited Assisi a few years ago, one of the things that struck me was a painting of Mary that I saw at Greccio. The image is of Mary breastfeeding Jesus. As a mom, it filled me with joy to see an image of the Blessed Mother doing something that many mothers do on a daily basis. The image broke Mary out of the iconic mold in which I was always used to seeing her. Suddenly, Mary was relatable.

That is why Holly Schapker’s images of Mary in this month’s article “Mary, Our Muse” are so compelling. Each one presents an image of Mary to fit the vari- ous ways in which people see our Blessed Mother. Schapker also provides a walk through her inspiration behind the images, as well as reflections on what is being portrayed, offering both a visual and spiritual treat.

Also in this issue, we have something that many of our readers are very passionate and vocal about—a fiction story. This touching piece delves into the struggle between being a priest and being a son. Make sure to check it out!

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