September 2019

Dear Reader: Thank a Teacher

Have you ever had that one teacher who had such a positive impact that you carried the lessons from her or him forward for years to come? I certainly did.
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Older person drawing in a coloring book

Finding Beauty While Letting Go

On Good Friday of 2018, the bottom fell out of my world when my husband, Bill, learned he had late-stage abdominal cancer. We'd been doctoring the previous nine months for a variety of symptoms—chiefly insomnia and an unsteady gait.
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An Ongoing Injustice

Earlier this summer, I took a plane from Chicago to the Mississippi Delta to go on a pilgrimage around the Gulf Coast and deep into southern Texas to the border of Mexico. It was a five-day road trip put together
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Three people studying in a patch of green grass

A Higher Education

Four years ago, Rebecca DeBurger, a college freshman, sat in her Common Ground class at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio, "surrounded by all new faces, each asking the same question: 'What is the point of this class?' "
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Person preparing shirts that say "Stop Shooting Start Living"

Reconnect Brooklyn: A Second Chance for At-Risk Youth

By his own description, Efrain Hernandez was "a terror " growing up in a single-parent home in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of New York City. He did what he wanted to do and drifted into selling drugs to have some money
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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

The Lion King In time for the 25th anniversary of the original animated film, Disney returns to Africa for The Lion King, a magnificent CGI remake about Simba (voiced by JD McCrary and, later, Donald Glover), a lion cub born
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