September 2019

Dear Reader: Thank a Teacher

Have you ever had that one teacher who had such a positive impact that you carried the lessons from her or him forward for years to come? I certainly did.
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Woman sitting in a backyard

Finding Beauty While Letting Go

When confronted with her husband’s death, this woman turned to art journaling for comfort.
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Hand with rope around it

Faith Unpacked: An Ongoing Injustice

Earlier this summer, I took a plane from Chicago to the Mississippi Delta to go on a pilgrimage around the Gulf Coast and deep into southern Texas to the border of Mexico.
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Students sit in a college classroom

A Higher Education: The Importance of Catholic Colleges

Catholic colleges that are rooted in mission draw students who want to put their faith into action while they learn.
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A volunteer works at Reconnect Brooklyn

Reconnect Brooklyn: A Second Chance for At-Risk Youth

This New York neighborhood, formerly a place of drugs and crime, is making a comeback. Father Jim O’Shea’s entrepreneurial movement has been instrumental in its recovery.
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man driving in a car

Psalm 25: GPS for the Soul

When it hits me that I am hopelessly lost, on the road or in my life, I am reminded of a passage in the psalms that has taught me to abandon my fears and sometimes enjoy not knowing where I ...
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