September 2017

Young Muslim boy praying

10 Things to Know about Islam

The Muslim religion is mistrusted by some and misunderstood by many. Here are 10 of Islam's most fundamental beliefs.
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The Social Mania behind Social Media

A friend of mine posted this comment online recently: "People have used Facebook to overthrow evil dictators and other amazing accomplishments. Meanwhile, I just learned that a woman I know from high school likes her new pedicure. "
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Dorothy Day: Model of Mercy

Dorothy Day has been called many things. After her death in 1980, David O'Brien, writing in Commonweal, called her "the most important, interesting, and influential figure in the history of American Catholicism. "
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Person sitting down and holding her head in sadness

Handling Post-Abortion Guilt

I have had two abortions. My friend at work told me that the Catholic faith can help me with the massive guilt that I feel. Please tell me how. Thanks for writing. You are not alone in realizing that an
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The Seven Sorrows of Mary

We can turn to Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, for consolation in our suffering.
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Blessed Stanley Rother

History is being made in Oklahoma City this September 23. At 10 a.m. on that Saturday, thousands will fill the city's Cox Convention Center to witness and celebrate the beatification of Father Stanley Francis Rother. This is only the second
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