August 2022

Dear Reader: A Unique Ministry

One of the pivotal moments in St. Francis' life occurred when he embraced a leper, someone who had been seen by most people as an outcast in society.
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Outside of HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES in Los Angeles

Homeboy Industries: Hope Has an Address

Father Gregory Boyle, SJ, has built "a culture that heals " in a city plagued by gun and gang violence. His ministry has helped restore hope and reduce crime.
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Lent with St. Clare: Ash Wednesday | Basilica and statue of St. Clare of Assisi

Words of Wisdom from St. Clare

Through her writings, St. Clare offers us a guide to a stronger faith life.
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Cristo Rey: Smart Schooling

First implemented 25 years ago, Cristo Rey high schools have survived declining enrollment, rising costs, and a pandemic. And they're still going strong.
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People in Uvalde, Texas crying after school shooting

Editorial: Reckoning with Our Culture of Gun Violence

After praying for the victims in Uvalde, Pope Francis said, "It's time to say, 'Enough!' to the indiscriminate trafficking of guns. "
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Reel Time with Sister Rose

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews "Top Gun: Maverick, " "Downton Abbey: A New Era, " and "Hustle " in our August issue!
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