April 2019

Dear Reader: Thank You, Kyle Kramer

Whenever Kyle Kramer's column, "At Home on Earth, " lands in my inbox for proofreading, I am of two minds.
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Saints on a wall

Faith Unpacked: My Favorite Saint

My walk with this saint has reaffirmed that my imperfect initial attempts at faith and virtue will be rewarded over time if I “keep coming back.”
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Film Reviews with Sister Rose

UNPLANNED Abby (Ashley Bratcher) is a junior at Texas A&M University in 2001 when she attends a volunteer fair. She signs up to help women in crisis at Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, because she knows what women go through.
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Radical Hospitality

This wife and mother wanted to model her life on Dorothy Day’s. But she quickly learned that hospitality begins in the heart, not the home.
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Seven Ways to Celebrate Easter

Easter lasts more than one day. Follow these creative ideas to keep the spirit of the season vibrant in your heart and home.
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‘Breakthrough’: A Story of Faith and Miracles

This new movie tells the true story of a teen’s near drowning and miraculous recovery.
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