Dear Reader: Thank You, Kyle Kramer

Whenever Kyle Kramer’s column, “At Home on Earth,” lands in my inbox for proofreading, I am of two minds. I know that he will use the space, as he does so beautifully every month, to celebrate the parallels between our Catholic faith and the need to care for the planet on which we practice it.

Yet there is also a tinge of guilt because I know that my carbon footprint is roughly the size of Wisconsin. But it isn’t Kyle making me feel that way. It’s my own Irish Catholic guilt rearing its ugly head. Mr. Kramer doesn’t lecture. He doesn’t write with a judgmental hand. “At Home on Earth” is a favorite of ours because it questions our actions and our policies, but it also speaks to our potential as stewards of the planet.

Earth Day is the 22nd of this month—a day for us to celebrate our shared home. Head to page 20 of this issue, in which Kyle writes about Easter and how our “cultural, political, and economic realities must die so that we might have a new and more peaceable way of living on this planet.”

We’re grateful to have him in our pages. And we hope his words inspire you this Easter and beyond.

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