May 2017

Jesus walking n the field with his disciples

Exploring the World Jesus Knew

This scholar takes a look at the environment that helped shape salvation.
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Statue of Mary in a garden.

Honoring Mary in Your Garden

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin can be on full display in our backyard oases.
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Saint Christopher and Jesus medal

St. Christopher: History and Mystery

St. Christopher—patron of travelers, protector against toothaches, hailstorms, and sudden death—is one of the most endearing for Catholics. His life and story, bordering somewhere between legend and legitimacy, is a faith-affirming exercise in service, grace, and love.
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Statue of Our Lady of Fatima surrounded by candles

The Third Secret of Fatima

On the 100th anniversary of these apparitions, an excerpt from a new book looks into their most talked-about element.
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Baseball’s Ed Lucas

You might not think a blind person could be a sports broadcaster, but this man won an Emmy doing it.
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man hiking in mountains

Life Lessons along the Appalachian Trail

The quiet of the woods was a voice he couldn’t resist.
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