August 2017

Saint John Vianney

John Vianney: The Saint Who Could Read Souls

This beloved saint, the patron of parish priests and confessors, has a lot to teach believers the world over.
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A Franciscan in Syria

He’s pastor of St. Francis Parish in war-besieged Aleppo. Here is an excerpt from his gripping daily journal.
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Bridging the Generation Gap

Pope Francis encourages us to build bonds between young and old.
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Leaning on Prayer in Difficult Times

Through prayer I began to sense the one I trusted was always with me, albeit now in a quieter way. 
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Live the Gospel: A Message from St. Francis

St. Francis found the truth that leads to freedom in the truths of the Gospel, and the freedom he found was the freedom to love.
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Midlife Meditation

These five simple questions lead to honest prayer.
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