August 2020

Artwork of Saint Clare

Dear Reader: The Courage of St. Clare

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.' "
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Racism Is a Sin with Deep Roots

We often hear people talk about the "sin of racism. " Books and articles describe racism as America's original sin. We identify racism with events and actions like slavery or Jim Crow laws. But it's still corroding our nation.
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Two people holding hands

Editorial: Standing in Solidarity against Systemic Racism

I am a white American male with a college degree and a career, and I was blessed to be raised in a loving, Catholic home by parents who valued education, hard work, and faith. Apart from a few speeding tickets,
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Massive buildings

Forgotten No More

The main center for Covenant House, the largest youth shelter in the world, is housed in a timeworn building in Midtown Manhattan. It's hardly noticeable near the hubbub of the Port Authority, New York City's bus station.
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The Courage to Change: Wisdom from Assisi

This year has been all about courage and change. Facing a new coronavirus with no vaccine or cure, we now see its ripples spreading unemployment and economic insecurity for millions and upending the education of a whole generation.
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Image of a person smiling

Followers of St. Francis: Dedicated to Dignity

Long associated as a symbol of respite, shelter, and nourishment, an oasis serves as a spiritual metaphor as well as a place of spiritual rejuvenation. With that symbol in mind and energized with the Franciscan spirit, Brother David Buer, OFM,
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