March 2024

bird feeder in a tree

Dear Reader: From Death to New Life

We hope you have a prayerful season of Lent and a joyous Easter! 
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Rings of a tree

The Structures of Sin 

Sin begins in the heart but often finds expression in what we do, permeating society, government, and even the Church. The social teachings of the Church show us how to push back against systemic sin. 
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Illustration of Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr: Modern-Day Mystic

His is a Franciscan legacy—one marked by love, laughter, peace, justice, and inclusivity. Three authors reflect on Father Richard Rohr’s impact on them and spiritual seekers everywhere. 
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priest making a blessing

Editorial: Missing the Message on Same-Sex Blessings

Pope Francis and the dicastery made it very clear—time and time again—throughout the document that a blessing is not the same as legitimizing a same-sex marriage.
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Looking out at the fog

Let Us Pray: Panting After Peace in Prayer

Franciscan spirituality has a visceral and experiential dimension that the study of theology sometimes lacks.
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celebration of women in film

A Celebration of Women in Film

If Greta Gerwig's 2023 blockbuster, Barbie, taught us anything, it’s that audiences are eager for stories about female empowerment.
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