Dear Reader: From Death to New Life

bird feeder in a tree

The other day, I was walking outside to refill the bird feeders in our backyard when I suddenly noticed signs of new life popping up all around me. The flowers that I planted last fall were beginning to poke up through the soil. A bird had made a nest in one of our birdhouses. And, while the earth has not fully awakened from its winter slumber here in southwestern Ohio, there are definite indications that we are heading toward a season of rebirth.

This month, our faith is going through a similar transition. As we continue to walk through the season of Lent and then the darkness of Holy Week, we find hope in the fact that we are headed toward the rebirth and rejuvenation that comes with Easter. 

As author Mark Etling writes in his article in this month’s issue, “The Work of Justice”: “Christians believe that Jesus’ passion and death are the supreme expression of God’s love, the ultimate sign of God’s unfailing care for humanity.” We hope you have a prayerful season of Lent and a joyous Easter! 


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