Pause + Pray

Here I Am, Lord

woman raising her hands toward the sky.


“He [Ananias] answered, ‘Here I am, Lord’” (Acts 9:10). The words “Here I am, Lord” are spoken by a variety of people in the Bible, including St. Ananias. Ananias was rather shocked when the Lord asked him to go see Saul (who would later become known as Paul). Ananias only knew of Saul’s fierceness towards Christians. He had not yet learned of Saul’s dramatic shift. Yet he listened to God with his whole heart and did as he was told, opening the door to one of the greatest evangelists.


St. Ananias,
Help me to be ever available for the Lord’s will.
Pray that I might hear his calling out to me,
and to be ready and willing despite my situation.


Read Ananias’ story in Acts 9:10–19 and consider its profound domino effect on Christianity. Who is an “Ananias” in your life? Can you recall an Ananias moment of your own?

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