Minute Meditations

Called to the Cross

man looking at a cross in the water with a skyline in the background

If we claim to revere the cross, if we claim to love the one who died for our sins, then we must not turn away. We must always walk toward it—toward the outcast, toward the victim, toward the abused and the marginalized. Because, as Christ himself told us, that is where we will find him. That is where we are called to follow.

Every day, we are called to go to the cross, to seek it wherever we find ourselves, and to bear witness there—at the foot of the cross—to the one who loved us enough that he died for us. We must understand that he laid down his life for all of us. To bear witness to his sacrifice, to his life, to his love.

—from St. Anthony Messenger‘s “The Sorrowful Mystery of Racism
by Herman Sutter

St. Anthony Messenger | Franciscan Media

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