July | August 2024

People talking

Dear Reader: A Call for Civil Discourse

Regardless of our political leanings, we must all remember that we need each other to move forward. St. Francis and the Franciscan spirit can help along the way. 
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Bridge over still water

Building Peace in a Nation Divided 

The example of St. Francis can be our guide as we navigate bitter divisions in our world, our nation—and perhaps even our dinner tables. 
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Painting of Saint Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure: Loving God with Heart and Mind 

The life and message of St. Bonaventure can provide a framework for understanding both the world and your personal calling. 
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illustration of ballots

I’d Like to Say: The Time to Protect Elections Is Now 

As trust in our election system erodes, so does our sense of unity as American citizens. By looking to the Franciscan tradition and its emphasis on peace-building, we can find ways to heal and strengthen our divided society.
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Painting of Olympic rings

Editorial: At Play in the Fields of the Lord

The Olympics shouldn’t be political. On the contrary: The games are a distraction from it.
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shooting arrows at the sky

Let Us Pray: Be Fearless in Prayer

The strongest and most vibrant relationships are those sustained by good, healthy habits.
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