Nov. | Dec. 2023

lantern in the snow

Dear Reader: ‘Tis the Season

I used to mourn the close of a year—until COVID-19. Now I look forward to the passage of time only because, surely, the next year will be better.
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Image depicting Saint Francis and the Christ Child.

Greccio and the First Live Nativity: 800 Years of Tradition 

While the tradition of a live Nativity scene dates back to 1223, St. Francis’ approach to the incarnation and the birth of Jesus remains revolutionary and spiritually transformative for today. 
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Jesus as a Native Canadian

Healing with Our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters 

Native American cultures have much to offer the Catholic faith, especially with regard to care for God’s creation. With healing and dialogue, we can take steps to deepen our faith and build up God’s kingdom.
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graphic of woman covering her face, surrounded by angry mouths

Editorial: Living Big and Taking Compassion a Step Further

When was the last time that someone aggravated you? What was your response?
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Person holding give thanks sign

At Home on Earth: A Bittersweet Farewell

Dear Readers: This is a bittersweet column. Ten years ago, I began writing At Home on Earth for St. Anthony Messenger, and, with this issue, it comes to a close. 
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woman holding candle

Faith and Family: Holidays—and Life—in Transition

As a parent, I have learned over and over that as time marches on, things change.
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