October 2017

Woman praying

The Spirit and Practice of Prayer

Prayer is looking at God, listening to God, responding to God and to nothing else.
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Brother Al

Brother Al and the Canticle Café

A Franciscan brings a song of love to the streets of Detroit.
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Why I Stay Catholic

In a world full of questions, it was the only answer.
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Wolf shows its teeth

St. Francis and the Taming of the Wolf

This beloved story has a lot to teach us about peacemaking in our own times.
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Painting of St. Teresa of Avila praying

St. Teresa of Avila on Prayer

The prayer practices of this popular saint can help us in our own spiritual journey.
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Film scene

Ron Hall’s Hollywood Redemption

Producer Ron Hall lived a life of privilege—until a moral stumble shook his foundation. His story is the subject of a new film starring Greg Kinnear and Oscar-winner Renée Zellweger.
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