September 2023

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Dear Reader: A World Waiting to Exhale

When I think of what our country has faced in recent years, I’m only beginning to understand how my mental health has taken a hit. 

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Social Anxiety

Maybe it’s high time we all ask ourselves this question: How many likes do we really need to feel loved? 

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Seven Psalms by Paul Simon

Paul Simon: Seven Psalms

For an artist whose career spans over 60 years, Paul Simon has released a surprising album, even for those well-versed in his musical output.

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The Pope Answers

The Pope: Answers

What do you get when you arrange a conversation between the pope and 10 young people between 20 and 25 years old?

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Man with woods in his head

Helping Teens in Crisis 

Data show teens continue to struggle with mental health. Helping to address the problem is a moral obligation and will require support from all of us. 

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Man holding a heart

A Guide to Self-Compassion 

When Jesus related the commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself,” built into that phrase is a message to take care of our own mental health. 

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