December 2022 | January 2023

Dear Reader: Christ among Us

For St. Francis, the Nativity scene represented a human connection with Christ. May it serve as a reminder to us today to be witnesses to the miracle of Christmas and what that means in our lives.
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dirty cat reaches for a person

Do Animals Go To Heaven?

In Genesis 1:31, it reads: “God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good.” Indeed, all that God does is truly good. And among those good works are humans, animals, and plants. God is life itself, ...
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Woman writing in a journal

‘Dear Elizabeth Ann Seton’ 

Can a saint who died over 200 years ago have relevance for today? This author says yes as she imagines writing a heartfelt letter to Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born saint. 
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Recognize. Reframe. Repeat.

A Franciscan therapist offers practical tips rooted in prayer to help ease our anxiety.
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Crèches from around the Globe 

Brother Tim Sucher, OFM, has loved Nativity scenes since he was a small child. Now he has amassed a collection of over 100 crèches from all over the world.
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Saint Nicolas

Saint Nicholas: The Original Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas' life is one of history and mystery.
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