July 2018

Biblical Laments: Prayer Out of Pain

Despite its wide-ranging presence in the Bible, we Christians have by and large lost touch with this dimension of prayer. It is something we need to recover.
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All in the Parish Family: An Organ Donor Story

Father Mamich’s kidney condition was worsening, and he wasn’t sure where to turn next. The answer, as it turns out, was in the pews all along.
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‘The Greatest of These Is Love’

Love is our foundation and our destiny, says this noted Franciscan. But how can we remove the barriers between us and God?
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Finding Safe Haven in Detroit

A Catholic agency helps resettle families from war-ravaged Syria and Iraq, helping their dreams of a better future become a reality.
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Notes from a Friar: Pope Francis Said What?

You may recall Pope Francis’ statement a couple of years ago concerning God’s love.
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hands open in prayer

You and Your Health: Praying for Healing

I think about the challenges of living each day with a chronic disease. A big part of my coping is through prayer.
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