June 2024

Peace sign

Dear Reader: ‘Peace to This House’ 

Francis of Assisi had rather specific instructions for how his brothers should go about their lives.
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Children sit in a Native American boarding school

Trauma and Truth: Native American Boarding Schools 

Both the US government and the Catholic Church had a hand in the establishment and operation of Native American boarding schools, where, for nearly a century, thousands of children were sent without their parents’ consent.
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Illustration of love and hate

I’d Like to Say: We Need  to Stop ‘Othering’

The time-honored practice of labeling and excluding those who differ from us is eating away at our Christian call to love one another. 
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Age limit 55 sign

Confronting Ageism 

From the greeting card aisle to the workplace, negative stereotypes about aging abound. This author argues that it’s time to recognize and counter ageism.
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St. Anthony of Padua holds the Christ child

Editorial: Anthony Is a Saint Second to Nobody

We at this organization love Francis of Assisi so much we named our company after him. But it wasn’t always Franciscan Media.
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Mother hugging a child

Let Us Pray: Interceding for One Another

Years ago, when any of my four children would run crying to me because of an injury or a fight, there was a good likelihood that I could make things better.
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