November 2021

Dear Reader: Saints Be Praised!

This month, to commemorate the feast of All Saints, we are offering a lineup of articles that acknowledge and celebrate a handful of saints and blesseds.
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St. Francis: Giving Comfort to Weary Soldiers

A former military chaplain explains how St. Francis can be an example for those struggling with the traumas of war.
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Our Saints, Ourselves

"I'm no saint," we may tell ourselves. But stories of the saints show us that we, too, are capable of extraordinary faith, courage, and love.
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St. Joseph: Man of Virtue

Faced with a difficult decision, Joseph teaches us that righteousness means loving both God and neighbor.
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American Exile on PBS

This blistering documentary tells the story of two brothers, Vietnam veterans Manuel and Valente Valenzuela: Mexican by birth, American to their very core.
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Blessed Carlo Acutis smiling at the camera

Blessed Carlo: The First Millennial Saint?

Meet Blessed Carlo Acutis, a teen who combined devotion to the Eucharist with a passion for computer technology.
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