June 2018

mountains with sunrise

Notes from a Friar: The Mysterious Workings of Grace

It is not a matter of “carrying God inside us.” It’s better to say that we are filled with God’s presence within us—along with our weaknesses and imperfections.
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A Deacon’s Journey through Islam

While watching the evening news, I realized how my ignorance of Islam hindered me as a U.S. citizen and as a Catholic.
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A Father’s Day Prayer

Loving his wife, being father to their children—these are moments of grace for a prayerful man.
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Statue of St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony’s Franciscan Spirit

There are three giants in the earliest years of Franciscanism: Saints Francis, Clare, and Anthony. Francis and Clare, of course, were founders. In the broadest sense, one could think of Francis as the heart of the movement, a heart profoundly ...
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Father Rob Galea performing a concert

Hope through Music: An Interview with Father Rob Galea

Addiction, depression, music, and faith—all are part of this popular priest’s journey.
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Woman at church

Saying Our Prayers

The prayers we learned in childhood don’t have to be left there.
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