April 2024

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Dear Reader: God Is the Artist

Though St. Francis of Assisi was, to his core, an institutional Catholic, he found God everywhere, not just under the roof of a church.
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Acting on the Beatitudes 

This friar points to three ways we can better understand and live the joy of the beatitudes in our everyday lives.
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Loving Creation, Loving God 

When we allow ourselves to be as open as a child in our relationship with creation, we are one step closer to bringing about the kingdom of God. 
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Editorial: The Way of Compassion

Might we think about addressing others with a more healing attitude rather than judgment? Might we intercede when we see someone not treated with respect and teach our children to do the same?
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Woman holding a cross in prayer

Let Us Pray: Pray As You Are

God calls each one of us to accept and live out the unique task he has entrusted to us.
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Faith and Family: Lessons from the Road

Hanging in our house is a large corkboard map of the United States. On the board are various pins placed on locations across the country, each one marking a place to which we have traveled.
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