December 2018

young man looking into the sky during sunset

Notes from a Friar: A Closer Look at Heaven

Eternity will be the revelation not only of all God’s love and goodness, but also of all that we have meant to each other.
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Las Posadas: A Mexican Christmas Tradition

The story of Christ's birth has been told and retold so many times it could have lost its luster generations ago. But it hasn't—not even close.
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Tree with stars at night

Advent: Waiting in Darkness

Darkness is powerless to the light, as this theologian explains.
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Reimagining Your Family Christmas

We all have family traditions we cherish. This author shares 10 ways to adapt them as our young children become adolescents.
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St. Francis greets the Christ Child

St. Francis and the Gift of Greccio

The idea of a live Nativity scene might seem common nowadays. But in St. Francis' time, it broke new ground and opened up ways to deepen our spirituality during Christmas.
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At Home on Earth: Nature Does Not Hurry

It matters what vision of the world you have; it matters where you place your hope. The Advent season gives us a bright and beautiful North Star: an angel-announced promise of God's love to be made incarnate in Jesus.
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