March 2018

hourglass with sand

Notes from a Friar: The Hour of Our Death

No one dies alone, whether a soldier on the battlefield or a poor, abandoned person in an alleyway.
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Jesus praying in the garden

Lessons from Jesus’ Agony in the Garden

Like us, Jesus could be besieged by his emotions. But his example shows us that God is there to comfort and support us.
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Scene from "All the Money in the World"

Film Reviews with Sister Rose

All the Money in the World In July 1973, Abigail "Gail " Getty (Michelle Williams), the divorced mother of 16- year-old John Paul "Paul " Getty III (Charlie Plummer), receives a call that her son has been kidnapped in Rome. ...
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Shoes saying Sister Jean on the back

Courtside with Sister Jean

When the Loyola Chicago men’s basketball team is looking for guidance both on and off the court, this 98-year-old sister provides it. The 5-foot nun can be seen at every home game for the men's team. She's most often decked ...
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Aerial view of empty church pews

The Liturgy of Everyday Life

Weekly Mass nourishes our spiritual lives. But what about the other six days of the week?
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Editorial: Lent Inspires Hope

For many, Lent is an arduous journey of faith.
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