September 2018

Mother Teresa praying by candle light

Mother Teresa: A Saint Who Conquered Darkness

This beloved saint wrestled with her own dark night of the soul.
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a woman in a white coat and a man in a cap walking in the snow

The Dating Project

Young people have forgotten how to date responsibly. Boston College’s Dr. Kerry Cronin sought to change that. A documentary—and a nationwide conversation—soon followed.
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man holding hands in front of face

Straight Talk about Suicide

For too long, suicide has been shrouded in darkness. Father Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, wants to bring this tragedy out of the shadows of shame and into the light of God’s healing love.
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group of young adults

Young Hispanics and the US Church

The V Encuentro process aims to reawaken the faith and gifts of Hispanic Catholics in the United States.
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praying hands

Combating Fear with Faith

We live in a time when young people see, with alarming frequency, peers and loved ones ending their own lives because of forces that convinced them that their lives weren't worth living. In fact, as of 2018, suicide is the ...
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Francis and Clare Go to College

Students, staff, and faculty at 24 Franciscan colleges and universities in the United States are growing through pilgrimages, classes, and community service.
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