November 2017

Notes from a Friar: A Spirit of Gratitude

Faith provides us with powerful reasons to be grateful.
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The Feast of All Saints: God’s Glorious Nobodies

Want to find a future saint? Look around you.
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We Are All Called to Be Saints

If we look at the lives of the saints, we can find more than a few faults. Far from discouraging us, this should give us a measure of hope.
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Bible opened to Luke's gospel

God’s Great Reversal: Key to the Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke, read at Mass on most Sundays this year, affirms that God values each of us regardless of age, wealth, health or gender.
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Jesus’ Extraordinary Treatment of Women

Jesus refuses to see women as inferior or unclean, and even makes them his disciples and reveals himself to them. His is a new model of how to treat women.
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rosary on top of an open Bible with a picture of Mary

Why Pray the Rosary?

As John Paul II explained, the repeated prayers in the rosary help us get more in touch with the deepest desires in our souls for God.
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