November 2018

lots of food on a table

Thanksgiving with Saints Philemon and Apphia

This holy couple offers four lessons for your feast.
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two doors next to each other

Saints Next Door

It's easy to view saints as distant, historical figures that we can only try to imitate. Pope Francis encourages us to consider as examples the quietly holy people in our lives who inspire us to a deeper spiritual life.
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injured veteran taking care of dog

St. Francis and US Veterans

In Assisi, there's a statue of St. Francis like no other. There's no tonsure, no brown robe, no birds, no halo. Many visitors and pilgrims don't at first recognize this bronze of an armored soldier on his horse as the ...
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person holding grateful sign

Editorial: Looking Back, Moving Forward

As the new year draws closer, let us be a light in the darkness for others.
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Cooking with Chef Lidia

"Food is my connection," says Lidia Bastianich, a cooking show star and restaurant owner. But it was her faith that spurred her on her journey.
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nurse working with a patient

You and Your Health: God Bless Parish Nurses!

Parish nurses take their ministry seriously. They blend health with spirituality. And that’s faithful medicine!
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