May 2024

Two people talking

Dear Reader: A Ministry of Listening

Sometimes, all we need is someone to talk to, whether that be a casual conversation with a friend or time spent with a professional counselor.
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The Upper Room Crisis Hotline 

She’s talked to murderers, abusers, and even those wrestling with the occult. Sister Mary Frances Seeley and volunteers answer all calls with a message of God’s unconditional love and prayerful support.
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Basket of food and wine

Making Sense Out of Scripture 

The Bible provides a number of straightforward teachings about how a disciple of Jesus is to live, but there are less clear lessons too.
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Man praying surrounded by ambient light

Postures of Prayer 

Sitting, standing, and kneeling during Mass each have their own distinct role in helping us fully experience and appreciate the liturgy. 
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Illustration of the Holy Family

Editorial: Let’s Talk about Immigration

The ultimate goal should be reasonable immigration policies that respect and assist all the parties involved—Americans and immigrants.
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Woman reading on a tablet

Online Resources for Library Lovers

There has never been a better time than now for those who frequent their local libraries to enjoy the many online perks that come with having a library card.
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