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Dear Reader: A Ministry of Listening

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The other day, I ran into a longtime friend while I was out shop- ping. We started talking, and before either of us realized it, almost an hour had passed. As we were talking about a wide range of topics from family to health to work, it seemed as if everything around us faded away. Before we parted, we thanked each other for just listening. It was nice to be heard.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to talk to, whether that be a casual conversation with a friend or time spent with a professional counselor. For many people, though, finding that someone isn’t quite as easy as bumping into a friend at the store.

Enter Sister Mary Frances Seeley, OSF, and the Upper Room Crisis Hotline. The hotline, which is featured here, provides people with a listening ear in times of need. Sometimes callers are experiencing a mental health crisis, while others might just be lonely and need someone to talk with. No matter the reason for the call, however, the volunteers provide that listening ear we all need sometimes. In a world that can be challenging and sometimes lonely, a ministry such as this is a true blessing.

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