Sunday Soundbites

Sunday Soundbite for October 9, 2022

The Gospel of Luke would have us heed the words of Jesus: The Kingdom is in our midst, but we truly appreciate it only if we walk with Christ in his suffering and death.

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Sunday Soundbite for October 2, 2022

Through giving ourselves to the Lord we can find ourselves doing great things with the Spirit’s help. Look at your own life today and see if you agree!

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Sunday Soundbite for September 25, 2022

The figure of Abraham here in Luke’s Gospel helps us understand how it’s not riches in themselves that are bad; it’s how they’re used.

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Sunday Soundbite for September 18, 2022

Scripture scholars aren’t exactly sure what this Gospel story is meant to show, but one explanation may be that Jesus wanted us to have our priorities straight about the use of wealth.

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Sunday Soundbite for September 11, 2022

Some Scripture commentaries suggest that Saint Luke aimed the ending of the prodigal son story at those in his own communities who wished to exclude some people from their Eucharist. Like the older brother, some in Luke’s faithful community may have resented the reconciliation of these wayward members.

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Sunday Soundbite for September 4, 2022

Jesus cautions his audience about the cost of discipleship. Jesus will embrace his cross completely, giving his all. We his followers must do the same. Jesus urges us to give our all, carrying our own cross and following after him.

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